All chili must be cooked from scratch on site the day of the cook-off. All chili must be prepared in the open (no cooking in motor homes, etc.). Chili teams must submit one chili cup to be judged and all chili entries can be considered for People’s Choice category as well.

  1. CHILI COOKED FROM SCRATCH – “Scratch” is defined as starting with raw meat. No marinating is allowed. Commercial chili powder is permissible as is commercial chili mixes (“just add meat” mixes that contain pre-measured spices) are NOT permitted.
  2. FILLERS IN CHILI – Beans, macaroni, rice, hominy, or other similar ingredients are permitted.
  3. SANITATION – Cooks are to prepare and cook chili in as sanitary a manner as possible.
  4. INSPECTION OF COOKING CONDITIONS – Cooking conditions are subject to inspection by the head judge or his/her designee. (Failure to comply is subject to disqualification.)
  5. COOKS MAY HAVE TO TASTE THEIR CHILI – At the discretion of the head judge, chili cooks may be required to remove the lids from their chili cups and taste their chili before turning in for judging. (If a contestant refuses, his or her chili will be disqualified.)
  6. Open Category entries are to provide a 3 gallons pot of chili for judging and tasting to the public.


A team can consist of up to four members. Each team is responsible for preparing two pots of chili for judging. Only one judging cup per category is permitted. No more than one judging sample can be taken from any one pot.

Peoples’ Choice: All competitors will automatically be entered in PEOPLE’S CHOICE. The more chili you make the better the chance to win!

Public Tasting: One of the most important award categories of the Chili Cook Off is the People’s Choice. This means YOU, the General Public need to come out and taste all of the wonderful chilies put together by cooks of all experience levels.

This is a FAMILY AFFAIR so bring the kids for an afternoon of camaraderie, food, and entertainment. Local music will be provided. There is also a small play area for the kids.